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If you aspire to work in a multidisciplinary field and have an undergraduate background in physical, biological, environmental or computer sciences, engineering or mathematics, we encourage you to apply

Programme Details

You can find out more about the structure of training and research in the CDT for Aerosol Science on the programme details page.

More details about the course requirements and eligibility can be found in the University of Bristol prospectus.

There is additional guidance available for EU and overseas applicants in our FAQs section.


  • Please contact the CDT administrator if you have any questions at aerosol-science@bristol.ac.uk

Next steps

  • Applications for our fifth cohort (2023-2027) will open in Autumn 2022.
  • Once you’ve placed your application, shortlisted candidates participate in CDT interview process to ensure the CDT is a good fit and to get a feel for the CDT training methods and the PhD project you will undertake.
  • Once interviews have taken place, to receive an official offer, at this stage candidates place an application via the official application system of the university (e.g. If the PhD is at Hertfordshire, you would apply officially to Hertfordshire). However having already been interviewed by CDT and Academic Supervisory team, we’d hope no further interview is required- e.g. references & document checking to allow the university to issue the official offer.

Diversity and Inclusion

We welcome applications from all members of our community. We recognise the benefits of recruiting a diverse group of students to the Aerosol CDT and strive to avoid any conscious or unconscious bias in our recruitment.  The monitoring of anonymised aggregated applications by our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) committee allows us to assess the effectiveness and fairness of all stages of our recruitment procedures. Needs of applicants will be accommodated through the application and assessment process and during the training program. Find out more about our commitment to protecting your data and diversity monitoring.

Have more Questions?

You can find out more about the CDT by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.

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