Research Webinars

The CAS research webinars are delivered by leading academic and industrial researchers, helping practioners stay up to date with the latest developments in their field. They are open to our students, academic team and Tier 2 partners. Tier 2 partners can access the full programme of research webinars, either joining live or watching the recordings via the training e-Portal.

Our first webinar is available to all:

Dr David Topping (University of Manchester): Machine Learning in Aerosol Science

Recorded Friday 25th October 2019

New webinar programme to be announced for Autumn 2020

Details coming soon of our programme of webinars for Autumn 2020, drawing together speakers from a broad range of research areas across aerosol science.

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Summer 2020:

Thursday 21 May  Dr John Pritchard (Inspiring Strategies) Is the future of pMDIs up in the air?
Thursday 28 May  Prof Sotiris Pratsinis (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology- ETH Zurich) Aerosol-made detectors for sensing of gases at high selectivity
Thursday 4 June  Dr Miriam Freedman (Penn State University) Liquid-liquid phase separation in aerosol particles
Thursday 11 June  Prof Murray Johnston (University of Delaware) The ins and outs of aerosol chemistry: What happens in the gas phase, the particle phase, and across the interface, and why it matters
Thursday 18 June Prof Regina Scherließ (University of Kiel) Vaccination via the respiratory tract
Thursday 25 June Prof Jonathan Reid (University of Bristol) SARS-CoV-2: Aerosols, droplets and airborne transmission
Thursday 2 July Dr Kerri Pratt (University of Michigan) Atmospheric aerosols in the rapidly changing Arctic
Thursday 9 July Dr Coty Jen (Carnegie Mellon University) Embracing the chemical complexity of wildfire smoke
Thursday 16 July Dr Thomas Preston (McGill University) Spectroscopy of optically trapped aerosol particles
Thursday 23 July Prof Francis Pope (University of Birmingham) Past, present and future particulate matter (PM) assessment in East Africa
Thursday 30 July Dr Christian Pfrang (University of Birmingham) Ageing of atmospheric aerosols

Spring 2020:

6 February Prof Darragh Murnane (University of Hertfordshire) Computational and modelling approaches in dry powder inhaler products
13 February Prof Barbara Wyslouzil (Ohio State University) From vapor to nanocrystal in microseconds: The short lifestory of a nanodroplet
20 February Prof Rajan Chakrabarty, (Washington University in St. Louis)  Non-equilibrium aerosol dynamics across length scales: Addressing a few contemporary challenges

27 February

Prof Simone Hochgreb (University of Cambridge)  Recent developments in nanoparticle detection systems
5 March Dr Hazem Matar (University of Hertfordshire) Considerations for CBRN exposures
19 March Prof Cari Dutcher (University Of Minnesota)  Aerosol measurements with microfluidic platforms
2 April Bioaerosols: Aerosol Society Focus Meeting 15

Autumn 2019:

25 October Dr David Topping (University of Manchester) Machine learning in aerosol science – watch webinar at the top of the page
1 November Dr Adam Boies (University of Cambridge) Aerosol carbon nanotube synthesis insights and advances
8 November Prof Catherine Noakes (University of Leeds) Modelling bioaerosol dispersion and infection risk in indoor environments
15 November Prof Ian Ford (UCL) Thermodynamic puzzles in nucleation theory 
29 November Prof Terry Tetley (Imperial) Particulate air pollution and health
5 December Prof Francesca Buttini (University of Parma) Engineered microparticles for high dose DPI and powder administration

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