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The Centre for Doctoral Training in Aerosol Science is a multidisciplinary collaboration between over 60 industrial and public-sector partners. 

Members of the Partnerships Board collectively represent the 60+ industrial, NGO and governmental organizations that constitute the Aerosol CDT partnership network. The board currently consists of representatives from the 5 thematic areas which are Health, Technology, Atmospheric Aerosols, Measurement Techniques and Basic Aerosol Processes.

Additional membership may be considered for functions beyond the thematic areas, such as marketing or policy engagement. Please contact our CDT Partnerships Manager if you are interested in representing any of the thematic areas at our Partnerships Board. 


“The Aerosol Science CDT serves a unique role in training future industrial scientists and engineers with collaboration from leaders in industry and government to address critical problems facing the discipline. Never before has the need for Aerosol Science been so apparent, and the strong community of industrial, governmental and academic partners is addressing challenges that our partners face domestically and internationally.”
Prof Adam Boies

Aerosol Science CDT Partnerships Director

Listen to an Industrial Partner, Academic and students explain the benefits of collaborative projects and the reasons why our CDT is an excellent collaborative and multidisciplinary environment and network to be part of.
Prof Adam Boies - Aerosol CDT Partnerships Director

Prof Adam Boies is Reader of Nanomaterials and Aerosol Engineering within the Energy Group. His research focuses on characterizing the evolution, dynamics and impacts of gas-phase nanoparticles with an emphasis on energy applications, aerosol instrumentation and emissions. He is director of the Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing (ANAM) Initiative and is Partnerships Director of the Aerosol Science Doctoral Training Centre. He is a Fellow of Trinity College and has over 70 publications and 11 patents. His group has produced three spin-outs, were he serves as Research Director for Catalytic Instruments, advisor to Atmose Ltd and as a co-founder of Echion Technologies.

Erkki Lamminen - Dekati Ltd.

Erkki Lamminen studied aerosol physics at Tampere University of Technology with a focus on particle dilution and conditioning systems for combustion aerosols. He has been with Dekati Ltd. for over 20 years working on different aspects of business development and instrument research for particulate measurements. Erkki participates to ISO and CEN working groups related to particle measurement. He is currently a board member and the VP and Sales Director of Dekati Ltd.

Dekati Ltd. develops and manufactures a wide range of particle measurement and sample conditioning instruments for research and regulatory measurement purposes.

Dr Nick Martin - Science Area Leader - National Physical Laboratory

Nick Martin is the Science Area Leader of the Air Quality and Aerosol Metrology (AQAM) Group at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK. He is involved in research and development projects associated with AQ monitoring and is a member of CEN TC264 European Standardization Working Groups developing documentary measurement standards for low cost sensors, reference instruments and diffusive samplers.  Nick is an ex officio member of DEFRA’s Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG).

NPL is part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and its primary role is supporting measurements, whether providing demonstrably high accuracy or simply ensuring that they are fit-for-purpose.

“I am keen to be involved in this CDT to learn more about the new aerosol expertise and capabilities being developed in the academic world and industry. I am also enthusiastic that NPL’s work in this area be widely disseminated to the community, and to engage with early career scientists to build up networks of contacts for future collaborative projects or employment opportunities.”

Dr Martin Pick - COO - Q-Flo Limited

Martin is Chief Operating Officer of Q-Flo Limited. He is Materials Scientist with board level experience in the private and public sectors including in multinational, SME and Start-up organisations. He has also undertaken Ministerially appointed roles delivering economic development programmes.

Q-Flo is a maturing spin out company from the University of Cambridge and is now part of the Plasan Sasa group.  Its mission is to commercialise aerosol based production of carbon nanotube mat, fibre and tape.  In doing this it will bring an exciting new family of materials to market offering reduced weight and multifunctional potential in a range of structural, electrical and filtration applications.
Our involvement with the aerosol CDT has developed on the back of very successful relationships with the Department of Materials Science and the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University.

“The flexible approach and availability of innovative and talented students make the Aerosol CDT an ideal partner to help address the next stage challenges presented by our manufacturing processes.”

Dr Simon Clark – Scientific leader – UKHSA

Dr Simon Clark is a Senior lead scientist specialising in aerobiology, vaccinology and infectious disease, within the Research and Evaluation Department, at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), at Porton Down. He has over 20 years of experience studying the aerosol transmission of human pathogens, the impact of phenotype and environmental factors on survival of pathogens in aerosols, and subsequent effects on infection and disease. UKHSA is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care, and is responsible for protecting all communities from the impact of health threats including those from infectious diseases, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents.

Alex Slowey - Formulation Specialist - Kindeva Drug Delivery

Alex Slowey is a pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  In May 2020, he joined Kindeva Drug Delivery as a formulation specialist at their inhalation centre of excellence in Loughborough.

Alex is specialised in early phase development activities related to the formulation of new and existing molecules for pulmonary and nasal delivery.  He has expertise in a number of key areas, including providing technical and project leadership to development programmes.

Alex’s  interests include aerosol science in relation to the formulation of inhalation devices using innovative approaches, with direct application to the delivery of molecules via the pulmonary and nasal routes. 

Kindeva Drug Delivery, formerly 3M’s drug delivery business, is a CDMO offering integrated, end-to-end formulation, product development, scale-up manufacturing and commercial manufacturing services, with an innovation offering spanning inhalation, transdermal delivery, and microneedles.

Industrial Partners’ contribution to the CDT Partnerships Board 2020-2022

We thank our following Partners for all their contribution and support to the CDT and our Partnerships Board since 2020. 

John Saffell - Alphasense Ltd Co-founder

John Saffell was co-founder of Alphasense Ltd in 1997.  He has a BSc in Chemistry and MSc from MIT (1975) and PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University (1979) and is Chairman of the Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Measurement (CoGDEM). Alphasense manufactures optical particle counters and, working with Universities of Cambridge and Hertfordshire, is developing new low cost ultrafine, BC and PM detection systems with support the CDT in Aerosols.

Dr Matthew D Wright - UKHSA

Dr Matthew D Wright is Senior Aerosol Scientist in the Toxicology Department, Centre for Radiation, Chemical & Environmental Hazards (CRCE), Public Health England, where his research interests include exposure and health risk assessment of a range of aerosols including airborne particulate matter, nano-enabled consumer products, carbon nanotubes and e-cigarettes. Public Health England is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care whose mission is protection and improvement of the nation’s health and wellbeing, and reduction of health inequalities.

“Aerosol science underpins much of the research in inhalation toxicology and aerosol exposures undertaken within CRCE, and being part of the Partnership Board of the CDT in Aerosol Science provides a chance to help shape the training agenda for future researchers with the skills and knowledge to develop our programmes, and also to link with academics and industrial partners to undertake worthwhile research projects by hosting CDT students in areas of mutual interest.”

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