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We have captured the training needs of the UK aerosol science community in nine competencies for graduates of our CDT (shown below), developed via co-creation during a face-to-face workshop with academics and industrial and public-sector partners and a follow-up survey. The competencies were refined following feedback from a focus group of postgraduate researchers. Taken together they describe practitioners with mastery of fundamental aerosol science and its application across traditional disciplinary boundaries and in a range of contexts. Furthermore, they describe practitioners able to act independently, collaboratively, responsibly and ethically, and to reflect upon and direct their continuing development as a member of a diverse and rapidly-changing field.

1. Apply theoretical knowledge of aerosol science across a range of problems of a chemical, physical, biological or technological nature.
2. Undertake independent design and conduct experiments/models with technical mastery, as well as analyse and interpret data.
3. Identify, formulate, critique and solve research problems within their specialised context to advance the understanding of aerosols.
4. Develop or adapt advanced methodological approaches to contemporary problems, recognising the complexity and tolerating the ambiguity that arises in real-world systems.
5. Synthesise new approaches to meet an identified outcome within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, safety, manufacturing, and/or sustainability.
6. Act in congruence with professional and ethical values, and manage ethical dilemmas in formulating scientific solutions.
7. Function effectively and confidently in multidisciplinary teams, acting autonomously and taking responsibility for the scientific activity of others.
8. Communicate and share research knowledge to both expert and non-expert audiences, and guide the learning of those from outside their discipline.
9. Manage personal intellectual development as a self-critical, reflective scientist with the agility to respond to new challenges.
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