Practice, feedback and

assessment strategies


  • We have developed a comprehensive graduate curriculum in core aerosol science, covering both the fundamental underlying science and a broad range of key applications.
  • The training e-Portal for Core Aerosol Science covers topics such as particle size distributions, aerosol mechanics, nucleation, optical properties, and electrical charge. It includes over 40 hours of mini lectures, extensive multiple-choice problem sets to test learning, and detailed reading lists.
  • Our course in core aerosol science is delivered via Team-Based Learning, involving pre-class preparation, a readiness-assurance process, clarifying presentations, in-class application exercises and a peer-evaluation process.
  • Our course in core aerosol science is assessed using “two-stage assessments”.
  • Upon completion of their taught work at the University of Bristol, our postgraduate researchers join cooperative learning groups to support their continuing professional development.
  • We draw upon the principles of work-integrated learning when preparing our postgraduate researchers for their placements in academic labs or with our industrial or public-sector partners.