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From drug delivery to the lungs to the transmission of disease, climate change to combustion science, new routes to materials to consumer and agricultural products, an understanding of aerosol science is crucial.


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Industrial and Academic partnerships with the CDT in Aerosol Science

What makes our CDT an excellent collaborative and multidisciplinary environment and network to be part of? How does working with Industrial Partners benefit our students’ PhD experience? What are the benefits to Academics and Industrial Partners of collaborative projects?

Listen to an Industrial Partner, Academic and students explain why being part of such a centre is so incredibly enriching.

Welcome to the CDT in Aerosol Science

Twenty students joined the third cohort of the CDT in September 2021, while our 19 students in the second cohort move to start their PhD research. With backgrounds from geography, and earth sciences to engineering, chemistry, physics, pharmacy and biological sciences, we now have three truly diverse cohorts! During their first year, our students complete training in Core Aerosol Science, Research Methods, and Professionalism and Translation, while developing their PhD research proposals.

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Webinars on the latest aerosol science research

The CDT hosts research webinars from leading speakers around the world. View the full programme of webinars available to CDT partners and students on our webinars page.

Watch a CDT webinar, presented by Professor Lea Ann Dailey titled Are we inhaling nano- and microplastics? And if so, what could be the potential effects?

The training e-Portal

The training e-Portal for Core Aerosol Science covers topics such as particle size distributions; aerosol mechanics; nucleation; optical properties and electrical charge. With over 20 hours of mini lectures, extensive multiple choice problem sets to test learning, and detailed reading lists, this comprehensive collection of resources is available to students and partners. Partners can also register to attend in-person training, working on real-world aerosol science problems alongside the PhD student cohort in multidisciplinary teams.


Furthering education in aerosol science

As a centre for doctoral training in aerosol science, much of our effort is focused upon understanding and improving education in aerosol science.  We have identified the key knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for successful practitioners of this rapidly-evolving, interdisciplinary field and ensure that our postgraduate researchers have the opportunity to engage in practice, receive feedback and be assessed in each of these areas.  We draw upon research-based instructional strategies in devising this practice, feedback and assessment.  We conduct educational research on a range of topics.  Learn more at our page dedicated to furthering education in aerosol science.


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