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From drug delivery to the lungs to the transmission of disease, climate change to combustion science, new routes to materials to consumer and agricultural products, an understanding of aerosol science is crucial.


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Welcome to the CDT in Aerosol Science

Fourteen students joined the first cohort of the CDT, starting on Tuesday 24th September. With backgrounds from geography and earth sciences to chemistry, physics, pharmacy and biological sciences, we have a truly diverse first cohort! The students are participating in training in Core Aerosol Science, Research Methods, and Professionalism and Translation.

Webinars on the latest aerosol science research

Watch the first CDT webinar, presented by Dr David Topping on Machine Learning in Aerosol Science.

View the full programme of webinars available to our CDT partners on our webinars page.

The training e-Portal

Training materials for Core Aerosol Science are available through our e-Portal. These are provided through a mixture of mini-lectures, multiple choice problems, and smart worksheets. CDT partners can access the e-Portal and register to attend in-person training. This video introduces the online materials. Please emailĀ us for details on how to register.