Working in Partnership with CAS

Partnerships between the academic, industrial, governmental and public sectors are crucial to train and mentor the next generation of practitioners, to equip and upskill the current workforce, and to deliver transformative research. 

CAS have established three tiers for partnerships, offering flexible and accessible engagement with the CDT. 

  •  Tier 1 – Student Mentoring: Partners contribute to the delivery of elements of training, act as a professional mentor for students undertaking research in an area relevant to partner expertise, host the student on placement, access annual conferences and receive a monthly e-newsletter.
  •  Tier 2 – Building National Capability: Partners receive access to the e-training portal and to the core aerosol science training courses, valuable for continuing professional development, and can stream the weekly research webinar from experts around the world. 
  •  Tier 3 – Delivering Research for PartnersPartners shape a PhD research project to their needs, play a more active role in student supervision with longer student placements and access the IP rights from the research.


If you are interested in exploring routes to engage with CAS, reach out to us at